Members of Our Team

Christopher Minturn
Director & Shareholder
Qualifications:  Achieved NZQA US4098,  US11281, US11551 towards completing Level 4 Certificate in Adult Education & Training
St John First Aid Certificate.

Lee-Anne Minturn
Qualifications:  National Diploma in Business
National Certificate in Adult Education & Training, Level 5.

Laurie Kearns
Practising Goldsmith Jeweller, Full-time Tutor
Qualifications:  Indentured Tradesman as Goldsmith Ring Maker and Diamond Mounter (Manufacturing Jeweller)
Achieved NZQA US4098,  US11281.  Pending NZQA US7091, 7097, 20469,  towards completing Level 4 Certificate in Adult Education & Training
Certificate of Achievement Level 2: Rhino 3D Modelling Training. Certified by Kyle Houchens, Robert McNeel & Associates, Seattle
St John First Aid Certificate.

Dene Gilomre
Practising Engraver, Full-time Tutor
Qualifications:  Indentured Tradesman in Hand Engraving and/or Die Sinking
Pending Certificate in Jewellery, Level 4
Pending NZQA US4098  towards completing Level 4 Certificate in Adult Education & Training.

Penelope Maesson
Practising Goldsmith Jeweller, Part-time Tutor
Qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Goldsmithing & Jewellery, Level 6
Diploma of Goldsmithing & Jewellery, Level 5
Certificate in Pre-Apprenticeship in Goldsmithing & Jewellery, Level 4
Achieved NZQA US4098 &  US11281

Peter Minturn, MNZM
Master Goldmith Jeweller, Mentor, Adjunct Tutor
First class pass, c. 1955,  City and Guilds in Diamond Mounting, apprenticed to Hathaway & Muddiman, as a Diamond mounter.
The first NZ Jeweller to be elected as a member of the New Zealand Society of Industrial Designers, awarded the New Zealand Industrial Design Councils ‘Design Mark’ for his production jewellery.
Invested in 2008, as a Member of New Zealand Order of Merit for services to jewellery manufacturing.
Peter has retired from the School but continues to work as a Goldsmith Jeweller, Mentor and Adjunct Tutor.

Short Course Tutors

Chris Minturn – Recreational Jewellerydanielle guy katelyn aimee ns benchtrial

Laurie Kearns – Rhino & Gemsetting

Dene Gilmore – Engraving 

Colin Bartlett – Recreational Jewellery

Sameer Aneez – Recreational Jewellery

Eve Bassett – Recreational Jewellery

Deborah Smith –  Adjunct Tutor for Peyote

Benjamin Clancy – Recreational Jewellery

Brian Moorwood – Adjunct Tutor for setting