Audition Requirements

Certificate and Diploma Studies

All applicants must pass an audition prior to full-time enrolment.
• We stand by our commitment to our stakeholders irrespective of disability, race or gender. We have in place no unreasonable barriers to any person wishing to study at the school. We respect your choices, assisting where we can, to help you realise your aspirations however to attend the school all applicants must pass the audition.
• The audition is free to complete.audition pieces1
• Applicants that are currently attending secondary school, should complete their senior school year.
• As all tuition is conducted in English, applicants must have a good understand of the English language. A minimum of NCEA Level 1 in English, or equivalent, is required. At Level 6 entry a minimum of NCEA Level 3 in English is required.
• The applicant must bring some sort of art or craft portfolio of their choice. The purpose of an art portfolio is not to assess your artist style or ability, but to demonstrate the applicant’s ability to start a project and follow an idea through until it is completed. Art is also an indicator of hand/eye co-ordination.
• The applicant will be required to complete the schools workshop HSWA training as a part of the audition process. This form is signed & retained as confirmation of having received the training.
• At the bench & under full tuition the applicant will make 3 simple exercise pieces over 2 days. As a performance based study the applicant must demonstrate to the school that they have the aptitude required to benefit from the qualifications on offer. All applicants are given full assistance and tuition to achieve the exercises set.
• On completion of the audition, you will be advised of a pass/fail result.
• A completed audition application may be subject to a police vetting check. Vetting can only be carried out with the signed consent from yourself, the person being vetted. Consent is provided by completing the correct Authorisation to Disclose Information form (sometimes called consent form or clearance form).
• Applicants must be either a New Zealand/Australian resident or be a current Permanent Resident Visa holder.

QMS 1.2.4 policy reviewed 13072016